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Thank you and welcome aboard to Barbara-Jo and her husband, who on 6/2/17 liked the music playing in Howard and Nan's Record Store, started dancing to it and then found out that I was the artist , She purchased it and got me to autograph it, she was so excited that I said we've got to get a picture together. Unexpected appreciaiton and support is priceless...


Impromptu performance​ at Di Paolo's, Penns Grove, NJ on May 28, 2017 with LA Productions

For those who like classic soul music mixed with good R&B and a little smooth jazz with some steppers music and gospel flavor... check out . If you don't hear my music, request it they'll play it !!!

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Sam & Deb - ​The Fandessa Twins

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It's important to stay true to your roots and true to who you are. Come out and witness Donnie live as he "Brings Inner Feelings To Life" or check out the following appearance and interview listings:

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